Shopping Central for Sale

1.     1           Fourture Ctr , # 01, Bal Lease 55yrsm, area 248sf, 999years, Tenanted $4,000k till 11/2019S                Sale   Price  $1.4m   
2.       LUCKY PLAZA #03-7xx, Area 300sf, Freehold , facing Main Hall, Sale Price $2.88m              
3.       LUCKY PLAZA # 01-9x, Area  271sf, Freehold, Sale Price $2.7m    
4.       LUCKY PLAZA # 03-7x, Area 300sf, Freehold, Sale Price $2.88m.Facing Main Concourse
5.       PEOPLE'S PK CTR, B1-2xx, Facing Main Concourse, Area Size 710sf, Sale Price $2.8m
6.       Sim Lim Tower #03-1xx, Freehold, Area Size 420sf, Sale Price $950k
7.       THE ADELPHI # B1-2xx, Area 452 Sf, Sale Price $1.3m, Tenanted as Salon.
8.       QUEENSWAY Shpg Ctr # 01-4x, Area Size 452sf Freehold, Facing Concourse, Sale Price.View          to Offer, Freehold             
9.       QUEENSWAY Shpg Ctr # 02-01, Freehold, Corner Unit next to McDonald’s, Sale Price                     $780,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
                               For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

Pte shop for Sale

1              GEYLANG LOR 13, Area 1200/1000sf, 2 Sty, Free hold, Sale Price $2.2m

                              For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

HDB Shop for Sale
1         1     Hougang Ave 8, Blk 620 # 01, Area 1600sf, Bal Lease 65 yrs, Tenanted $6,000 Sale Price        .          $1.85m
2         Jalan Bukit Ho Swee Blk 34 # 01-854, Area Size 1335sf, 2 Sty, Sale Price $2.38m    
3         Tampines St 43, Blk  477 # 01- Bal Lease  70yrs, Area 2000sf, Tenanted $11,000, sale Price                $2.95m               
4         WOODLANDS ST 32, 2 Sty, Blk 326  #01-10xx, Balance Lease 75 yrs, area 1100/990sf. Sale            Price $2.88m    
5         JALAN BUKIT MERAH Blk 107, # 01-18xx, 2 Sty, Area Size 1350sf, Sale Price $1.2m
6         TAMPPINES Ctr Blk 201B # 01-11xx, Balance Lease 68YRS, area Size 72SM/84SM, tenanted         S12k Sale Price $3.2M
                        For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

    Condo Shop for Sale
1                     KING ALBERT PARK,  # 01- Area 750sf, Freehold, tenanted $6,000 .. Sale Price $3.3m
2                    Tyrwhitt Road, No. 139 # 01-01, Freehold, Area Size 334sf, tenanted to 7-11 at $3300 till 2012, Sale Price $1.5m

For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

                                  Coffee Shop & Restaurant for Sale
1.     1           Ang mo Kio Ave 8, Blk 529 Coffeeshop, Years 1980.. Bal Lease 60yrs, Area 4500sf,                            Tenanted-$25,000 Sale Price $8.5m
2.       Woodlands St 32, Blk 32X  # 01/103, Coffeeshop,  99 year lease hold wef 1995, Area Size                    295sm,  Living quarter 64sq & ORA 145sq m , Rental $35k Till 2018, Sale Price View to offer.  
3.       Boon Lay Central, Blk 211 Coffeeshop, , Area 4000sf, Tenanted $70k Till 3 years, Sale Price               $25m
4.       Bukit Merah ctr Blk 161, Family Restn, Bal Lease 1981=63yrs, 2 Sty, Area 1550sf, Tenanted               $7,500, Sale Price  $2.2m   
5.       Hougang Ave 8, Blk 687, Corner Units, Bal Lease 68 yrs, Area Approx 2000sf, 2/Sty, Price                  $3.85m
6.       Jalan Bukit Ho Swee Blk 34, Coffeeshop 2 Sty, Bal 53 years, 1600 Sq Ft, Balance Lease 70yrs,           Sale Price $3.8m                
7.       Koven Coffeeshop, Area 3500sf, 2sty, Sale Price $12m   
8.       PEOPLE'S PK CTR #01- Area Size 445sf, Good Facing, tenanted $7,500, Sale Price $2.85m

                 For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

                                        Industrial Shop for Sal
1  Ubi Vertex # 01-41xx, Bal Lease 48yrs, Area Size 7000sf, Suitable for                           Childcares Servicer, Sale Price $3.8m                                                                                                                                                                                                    For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

Condominium Property for Sale                                          
1              Le Regal No 340 Geylang Road # 02-07, Freehold, Area 366sf, Facing Swimming Pool,          Sale Price  $588,000k       
                                        For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA

Landed Property for Sale

1          1    Glassgrow Rd,  No 1xx, Landed, 999yrs, 3.5 Story, Area Size 2821/3300sf, Sale Price $3.6m
2            2  Swiss Club Road, Good Class Bungalow, 2xx Swiss Club Road, D11.. Land Area 21293sf, Freehold, Sale         
                                               For Viewing Please Call Francis Oh 90070008 ERA